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FIRST PLACE FINISH, INC. Building Trust with Quality Work

About Us



Laurel Patrick maintains the position of CEO today.  Laurel holds a Civil Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and experience with forensic engineering, structural design and steel fabrication /erection project management.  The shift from engineering to construction came about when she built her own home.  It was clear the local industry had room for improvement and FPF was created to deliver services that are valued above the basic necessities.


Our Crew

Sometimes our crew is scattered working on multiple tasks for different customers, sometimes it is all hands on deck to get the job done.   Either way, we know that each employee is essential and all are responsible to take care of our customers.    


We provide services for all of East Tennessee and are based in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  FPF is experienced in all areas of construction with an emphasis on customer service, project details and project completion.  We stand ready to serve our clients.