First Place Finish Inc.



Licensed in the state of Tennessee and TDOT certified for commercial and industrial construction, FPF has the ability to meet the needs of any government, business or independent client.

Public Agencies/Housing Authority Building Improvements

Past Clients:                                                                                                                                           CHA-Exterior Door & Window improvements (East Drive)    
KCDC - Exterior Lighting Improvements/ Bathroom Energy Efficiency Improvements                    
Knox CAC Energy Efficiency Improvements: Insulation, HVAC, Water heater, Doors & Windows    

MOREE- Make Oak Ridge Energy Efficient

TDOT Projects (Region I & II)

Temporary Traffic Control: Barrels, Arrow Board, Changeable Message Board, Warning Lights, Construction Signage  

Safety Improvements: Delineation (Sign, Guardrail, Barrier Wall)

Certified Flagging Operations

Past Clients: SCI, Duracap, Glass Machinery, Rogers Group, Charles Blalock & Sons, Jones Brothers, Thomas Brothers, PotterSoutheast                                                                         


Past Clients: MTSU Natatorium Bldg., Roane County Miller Brewer Bldg., City of Oak Ridge - Code enforcement housing, KCDC (Commercial & Residential)

Greenways/Parks & Recreation    

Site Amenities: Playground, Bollards, Signage, Bike Rack, Wheel Stops, Pavilion, Railing, Benches, Trash Receptacle, Shoreline Stabilization, Solar Signage, Storm water structures  

Past Clients: City of Kingston, City of Oak Ridge, City of Johnson City, City of Chatttanooga,  Schools, Preschools, Churches                                                                                           
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